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KRN House & Garden Plants
KRN House & Garden Plants

about KRN plant life

Grown from seed...

A Family Business - Established in 1956, K.R.N. House and Garden Plants is owned by Ray, Hazel and Paul Firth. From fertile beginnings, the business has built a reputation for supplying high quality house, patio and bedding plants for garden centres, nurseries and florists throughout Lincolnshire, The Midlands and Yorkshire.

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We care for...

Our Plants and the Environment - Across 3 acres of covered cropping and further outdoor bedding, pesticide usage is kept to a bare minimum. Wherever possible, biological control and environmental husbandry are used.

Our Customers - To ensure the best service, our Sales and Production Team listens carefully to what you have to say and greatly values your feedback. We stock the latest proven varieties, many with promotional point of sale material. Our own heated transport makes sure that your order is delivered in top condition.

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Our guarantee to you…

Quality, Reliability, Choice and Value
- From the usual to the unusual, we supply a large selection of plants at competitive prices - some of them weird, but all of them wonderful!

We also provide a Contract Crop Growing service. Contact us for further details.
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